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mpv example config(mpv.conf) a guest . Feb 2nd, 2017. 143 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 1.43 KB . raw download clone embed print report. ###Video### profile=opengl-hq scale=ewa_lanczossharp cscale=ewa_lanczossoft. mpv config dir (for example ~/.config/mpv/) ~/ user home directory root (similar to shell, $HOME) ~~home/ same as ~~/ ~~global/ the global config path, if available (not on win32) ~~osxbundle/ the macOS bundle resource path (macOS only) ~~desktop/ the path to the desktop (win32, macOS) ~~exe_di Command line video player. Contribute to mpv-player/mpv development by creating an account on GitHub For example: ~/.config/mpv/input.conf n cycle_values af loudnorm=I=-30 loudnorm=I=-15 anull. This binds the key n to cycle the audio filter settings (af) through the specified values: loudnorm=I=-30: loudnorm setting with I=-30, soft volume, might be suitable for background musi

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  1. # mpv keybindings # # Location of user-defined bindings: ~/.config/mpv/input.conf # # Lines starting with # are comments. Use SHARP to assign the # key. # Copy this file and uncomment and edit the bindings you want to change. # # List of commands and further details: DOCS/man/input.rst # List of special keys: --input-keylis
  2. Go to the folder where your mpv.EXE is located. Create a new folder in it, and name it portable_config and place the file inside that folder. This is where mpv will read your settings from. Note: You can use the same method for an installed version of mpv too
  3. Core mpv functionality can be extended with Lua or JavaScript scripts or C plugins. All scripts and plugins from ~/.config/mpv/scripts/ directory are loaded automatically. Alternatively you can load a script or a plugin manually via command line, e.g. --script=/path/to/your/script.file
  4. #mpv-config. My mpv configuration. #Profiles. no_vp is the default, it uses all the settings you see described here. vp is also available, it also uses everything except the video codec is set to always use VP9 instead. ballsy uses everything from no_vp, but also tells mpv not to drop frames. Not for those with weak hardware... like me
  5. This will save the resume playback data in a sub-folder (inside the portable_config folder) called watch_later. You don't need to create that though as it is automatically done when you add the switch and play any video. I recommend going through mpv's sample conf file to further tweak the player. There are tons of options to choose.
  6. More Windows users than Linux users are reading this site's article about mpv for some reason so Windows configuration files get to have their own page. We are not Windows users. and we don't even have a Windows. Thus, no testing have been done of these third-party provided configuration files. Feel free to click edit and add your own if you find the choices set in the current examples disturbing
  7. The system-wide configuration file 'mpv.conf' is in your configuration directory (e.g. /etc/mpv or /usr/local/etc/mpv), the user-specific one is ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf. For details and platform specifics (in particular Windows paths) see the FILES section

Benutzerspezifische Standardeinstellungen und Profile können in der Datei ~/.mpv/config (bei neueren mpv-Versionen in ~/.config/mpv/config und bei noch neueren Versionen in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf) im Homeverzeichnis gespeichert werden. Anstatt also z.B. jedes Mal die Option --vo=opengl-old an den Befehl anzuhängen, kann man Folgendes in die Datei eintragen (Zeilen, die mit # beginnen, sind. # mpv configuration file # # See the CONFIGURATION FILES section in the man page # for a detailed description of the syntax. # # Profiles should be placed at the bottom of the configuration file to ensure # that settings wanted as defaults are not restricted to specific profiles. # # Note that the commented example options usually do _not_ set. The system-wide configuration file 'mpv.conf' is in your configuration directory (/etc/mpv), the user-specific one is ~/.mpv/config. User-specific options override system-wide options and options given on the command line override either. The syntax of the configuration files is option=<value>; everything after a # is considered a comment. Options that work without values can be enabled by. This is an example configuration for using mpv as an image viewer. #Why? mpv is feature rich and far more extensible than any image viewer. You can easily add original keybindings, set up conditional profiles and do pretty much anything with Lua scripts; Zoomed images with a good scaling filter look better than in image viewers (or at least the ones I previously used) You can use quit-watch. I have tried to make a perfect mpv.conf for my laptop Dell Inspiron 5447 in order to have smooth high quality video playback with MPV Player. Have searched a lot with google to find other users conf file. After going through a lot of them i have made the following mpv.conf. But it's buggy i believe because when i play any video above 720p my both GPU integarted and dedicated one shoot to 100%.

Example mpv config file with profiles # normal top-level option fullscreen=yes # a profile that can be enabled with --profile=big-cache [big-cache] cache=123400 demuxer-readahead-secs=20 [slow] profile-desc=some profile name vo=opengl:scale=ewa_lanczos:scale-radius=16 [fast] vo=vdpau # using a profile again extends it [slow] framedrop=no # you can also include other profiles profile=big. This is an example configuration. You can change some of these settings, use them as they are, or uncomment them to use the defaults. You can find more configuration options here. Using ytfzf is as easy as running: ytfzf. After typing this command, you'll be prompted to enter the YouTube search query, like this: $ ytfzf. Search Youtube mpv.conf & User Shaders. I maintain a Github repo with my recommended settings and user shaders, here. They are tailored to high quality rendering of traditional live TV and video disc formats. On Macs, you can download and install them in your ~[user profile]/.config/mpv folder. Beyond upscaling, my configuration files include optimizations for resolution, colorspace, dithering, debanding.

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MPV runs almost perfect with zero config file. Most of mine are like 5 lines at most, just enough to start GPU acceleration and to set the default brightness/volume that I like. After you use it, you'll know better what you'd like to change. 3. Share. Report Save. level 1. 6 months ago. Those should be enough for most of peeps tho: profile=gpu-hq. vo=gpu. gpu-api=vulkan. 2. Share. Report. ~/.mplayer/config ~/.mplayer/input.conf ~/.mplayer/menu.conf; Configuration. Configuration will set the default settings when MPlayer loads. Config file ~/.mplayer/config; Have MPlayer list all options Execute: mplayer −list−options. Example list-options; Configuration format is one command per line, and # for comments Config OPTION. mpv --help #Allgemeine Hilfe mpv --list-options #Optionen mpv --list-properties #Eigenschaften mpv --list-protocols #Protokolle man mpv #Manpage. Konfiguriert wird mpv durch zwei Dateien. mpv.conf für die allgemeinen Einstellungen. input.conf für die Tastenbelegung

x11grab for recording desktop. ffmpeg -hide_banner -f pulse -ac 2 -i default -f x11grab -framerate 25 -video_size 1920x1080 -i :0.0+0,0 -c:v h264_omx -pix_fmt yuv420p -b:v 1200k -c:a libfdk_aac -b:a 128k -ar 48000 testvideo.mp4. desktop aufnehmen. und 2 equalizer The reference manual lists all the options and configuration options mpv understands, key bindings, scripting, and other customizations. Git master HTML-rendering (updated daily) HTML Stable release v0.33.1 HTML-rendering (updated with every release) HTML. for everybody, who wants to set/change general properties or keyboard shortcuts, example config files are located on your system here MPV Configuration (mpv.conf) on Windows 10 Pro. msg-color=yes # Colors! #audio-delay=0.04 # second. Projector 50ms input lag. Audio 10ms buffer. # Forcibly resample to 96kHz, 24bit (audio device hardware support required). note! Not necessary! Do not need to resample comment below the two lines

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mpv.conf: [ https://gist.github.com/shabbir-hasan/2b096ebb554e029faa476728f3b5c741] use-filedir-conf # look for additional config files in the directory of the opened file. autofit-larger=100%x95% # resize window in case it's larger than W%xH% of the screen # Example mpv configuration file # # Warning: # # The commented example options usually do _not_ set the default values. Call # mpv with --list-options to see the default values for most options. There is # no builtin or example mpv.conf with all the defaults. # # # Configuration files are read system-wide from /usr/local/etc/mpv.conf # and per-user from ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf, where per-user. Even though mpv works fine without a config file, the configuration options allow to adjust a lot of settings. A short example is provided below: A short example is provided below: ~/.config/mpv/mpv.con

VideoPlayer::VideoPlayer(QWidget *parent, Qt::WindowFlags f) : QOpenGLWidget(parent, f), //PosUpdateTimer(this) PosUpdate(mpv) { mpv = mpv::qt::Handle::FromRawHandle(mpv_create()); if(!mpv) throw std::runtime_error(could not create mpv context); //mpv_set_option_string(mpv, terminal, yes); //mpv_set_option_string(mpv, msg-level, all=v); if(mpv_initialize(mpv) < 0) throw std::runtime_error(could not initialize mpv context); mpv::qt::set_option_variant(mpv, vo, opengl-cb); mpv. # mpv configuration file # Configuration files are read system-wide from /etc/mpv/mpv.conf # and per-user from ~/.mpv/config, where per-user settings overrid mpv You can place the following configuration in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf for mpv to use hardware acceleration for VP9 on Intel Broadwell (and probably later): hwdec = auto-safe vo = gpu profile = gpu-h

[bernd_b@amd64-archlinux mpv]$ mpv -v dvb://Das Erste HD [cplayer] Command line options: '-v' 'dvb://Das Erste HD' [cplayer] mpv .29.-366-ga8c2e29868 Copyright © 2000-2019 mpv/MPlayer/mplayer2 project mpv has an OpenGL, Vulkan, and D3D11 based video output that is capable of many features loved by videophiles, such as video scaling with popular high quality algorithms, color management, frame timing, interpolation, HDR, and more Example mpv config file with profiles # normal top-level option fullscreen=yes # a profile that can be enabled with --profile=big-cache [big-cache] cache=123400 demuxer-readahead-secs=20 [slow] profile-desc=some profile name # reference a builtin profile profile=opengl-hq [fast] vo=vdpau # using a profile again extends it [slow] framedrop=no # you can also include other profiles profile=big-cache Auto profiles Some profiles are loaded automatically You can control mpv with keyboard shortcuts; for example, pressing Space pauses a song, arrow keys rewind it backward or forward, and / and * keys control the volume. The full list of mpv keyboard shortcuts can be found in the user manual. To play all media files in a folder, just write the folder name followed by an * sign: If you want to randomize the order in which they're played, just. Sorry if this is the wrong type / category. I didn't know a more fitting one. Description: The current version of mpv includes the example config files twice - once installed by the normal waf routine and once by the install commands in the package() function

I've tried vo=xv, vo=gpu (default) and vo=x11. Got half way through a video and it just froze frame and crashed. Or I get a lot of dropped frames (video is very laggy): Code: AO: [oss] 44100Hz stereo 2ch s32 VO: [gpu] 1280x720 yuv420p AV: 00:00:13 / 00:01:43 (13%) A-V: 0.000 Dropped: 245 mpv.conf ##### # Quality related settings # ##### # Before starting, it is important to understand how some settings influence the video # quality/performance. # The most important one is scale and its derivatives (dscale, cscale, tscale). # Better scalling algorithms result in better images when the video is reproduced in non-native # resolution, at the expense of performance. However unless. mpv is highly configurable using the configuration file $HOME/.config/mpv/mpv.conf and there are a lot of examples of mpv configuration files floating around the Internets. While you strictly do not need to have a mpv.conf you may want to consider using the following examples if you do not have one

mpv.conf. The mpv.conf file enables advanced control over the playback engine . This file is not generated by default. Simply create a text file in the Plex Media Player folder (for path see the top of this page) and name it mpv.conf and add the settings in which you are interested. Add one setting per line. Example of content for the file Commands are the same as those used in input.conf. see: Input Commands. Example: mpv. command_node ('loadfile', 'test.mp4', 'replace', {'start': '+100', 'vid': 'no'}) Parameters: *args - arguments in any basic type. detach_destroy ¶ initialize ¶ Initialize the mpv instance. This function needs to be called to make full use of the client API. observe_property (name, mpv_format=None, reply. Make a folder in the folder where the mpv.exe is located, called portable_config. In that folder, create two text files, input.conf and mpv.conf. Those files should have the extension .conf, not .conf.txt. In the file manager click view, then tick the box labeled file name extensions. Leave that on for the rest of your life I love mpv for my own reasons, but I'm not savvy enough to understand what those build flags would do. Care to elaborate on why you install it that way? I'm pretty sure my mpv.conf is just border=no, but I love how I can set different arguments for when I run it certain ways. For example, I have this in my bashr Configuration made via V4L2 does not persist after the webcam is disconnected and reconnected. It's possible to use v4l2-ctl with Udev rules in order to set some configuration each time a particular camera is connected. For example, to set a default zoom setting on a particular Logitech webcam each time it is connected, add a udev rule like this

e.g. to put the current version of mpv running inside your mpv window title, the string ${{mpv-version}} could be inserted inside your --title string. A full list of the format codes mpv uses is available here: https://mpv.io/manual/stable/#property-list. Formatting variables available to use in --title: {title The first thing you want to do is set the folder path for your mpv.exe, mpv CONF file and the Glow profiles. To do so click on the gear icon on the toolbar at the bottom and click on the path fields to set the paths. Now to the options: Glow groups the available mpv settings in tabs to improve the program's usability. These are: General, Stream, Display, Video, Audio and Subtitles. All you. How can I configure it such that it doesn't close, for example just freezes the last image of the movie, so that I can seek back and forth without restarting the video. mpv. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Sep 5 '17 at 22:04. student student. 15.6k 27 27 gold badges 84 84 silver badges 151 151 bronze badges. Add a comment | 3 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 20. You'd use mpv --keep. Instead, you should set your own in input.conf, see the example in this repo. crop.lua. Crop the current video in a visual manner. UX largely inspired by this script, code is original. The main difference is that this script supports recursively cropping and is aware of some properties like pan or zoom, there are other subtleties. Press the binding to enter crop mode. Click once to define the. I got a mkv file recently where I noted mpv renders subtitles not as I put in mpv.conf. The file has two subtitles streams and one is displayed as describes in mpv.conf, but other is just same no mpv video-subtitles. asked Dec 18 '20 at 4:35. Martian2020. 111 3 3 bronze badges. 0. votes. 0answers 56 views Prevent picom from killing (or overwriting) wallpaer set by mpv. So, I figured out.

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  1. mpv is a free (as in freedom) media player for the command line. It supports a wide variety of media file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types. There is a FAQ. Releases can be found on the release list. System requirements. A not too ancient Linux, Windows 7 or later, or OSX 10.8 or later. A somewhat capable CPU. Hardware decoding might help if the CPU is too slow to decode.
  2. A not too crappy GPU. mpv's focus is not on power-efficient playback onembedded or integrated GPUs (for example, hardware decoding is not evenenabled by default). Low power GPUs may cause issues like tearing, stutter,etc. The main video output uses shaders for video rendering and scaling,rather than GPU fixed function hardware. On Windows, you might want to makesure the graphics drivers are.
  3. For example, subscribers of a particular youtube channel can open the video with mpv, by doing the following: macro y set browser mpv %u ; open-in-browser ; set browser elinks %
  4. Example: C:\\path\\to\\mpv.exe; mpv_ext_ipc - The path to the socket to control MPV. Default: null. If unset, the socket is a randomly selected temp file. On Windows, this is just a name for the socket, not a path like on Linux. mpv_ext_start - Start a managed copy of MPV with the client. Default: true. If not specified, the user must start MPV prior to launching the client. MPV must be.
  5. Alternatively, if you want mpv to do that by default, you can add that option to its config file. For example: echo save-position-on-quit >> ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf Or use your favourite text editor to add the same line. The --option prefix is not needed in the config file. If you want this option to be the default for all users on the system rather than just your own user, the config file to.
  6. #mpv-config. My mpv configuration. #Profiles no_vp is the default, it uses all the settings you see described here.; vp is also available, it also uses everything except the video codec is set to always use VP9 instead.; ballsy uses everything from no_vp, but also tells mpv not to drop frames. Not for those with weak hardware... like me. :(#Video and Audio Setting
  7. Is it possible to create one in my ~/.mpv/input.conf file? Last edited by drcouzelis (2014-02-20 00:45:21) Offline #2 2014-02-19 04:18:39. lucke Member From: Poland Registered: 2004-11-30 Posts: 4,018 . Re: [SOLVED] Keybinding to rotate video in mpv $ cat ~/.mpv/input.conf F1 vf toggle rotate=1. Offline #3 2014-02-20 00:45:03. drcouzelis Member From: Connecticut, USA Registered: 2009-11-09.

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path: fix broken exe-dir[/mpv] config locations: Avi Halachmi (:avih) 2020-07-08: 1-1 / +1 * Warn if on GNOME: wm4: 2020-07-07: 1-0 / +7 * ci: add d3d11 to mingw build: sfan5: 2020-07-01: 2-19 / +44 * vo_gpu: vulkan: add ability to disable events: Niklas Haas: 2020-06-30: 2-0 / +10 * player: warn if both proper and compat. config directories. Tell us what you love about the package or mpv, or tell us what needs improvement. Share your experiences with the package, or extra configuration or gotchas that you've found. If you use a url, the comment will be flagged for moderation until you've been whitelisted. Disqus moderated comments are approved on a weekly schedule if not sooner. It.


# -a audio mpv --ao (Default: alsa:device=default) # -v video mpv --vo (Default: vdpau) # -h hwdec mpv --hwdec-codecs (Default: vdpau) # -d device mpv optical disc device (Default: /dev/dvd) # -l languages languages for audio and subtitles (Default: deu,de,ger,eng,en) # -b /dir browser root director You can also use pkg-config from the host environment by specifying explicitly --pkg First, rename your pictures to follow a numerical sequence. For example, img1.jpg, img2.jpg, img3.jpg,... Then you may run: ffmpeg -f image2 -i img%d.jpg /tmp/a.mpg Notice that '%d' is replaced by the image number. img%03d.jpg means the sequence img001.jpg, img002.jpg, etc. Use the -start_number option. Configuration premises. config.h is tailored to my main machine, which is running Debian Unstable, and make assumptions about CPU frequencies, sudo configuration etc, so you need to review the file in any case. Windowing rules have been broken out into rules.h. Unlike the original dwm package, the config.def.h file has been removed. In order to.

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  1. The following is an example of an automatic profile in mpv.conf based on video file properties. The profile is triggered when profile-cond (a lua expression based on file properties) is true. ex: profile-cond=width>=1280 in mpv.conf: Code: #mpv auto-profile example [filename_wsz] profile-desc= 4/3>>16/9 fullscreen PnS if _wsz in filename profile-cond= string.match(filename, _wsz)~=nil video.
  2. codecs.conf - 解码器配置文件。 example.conf - mplayer.conf 不会在安装时自动创建,这是其示例文件。 input.conf - 快捷键配置文件。 ~/.mplayer/ 下默认包含一个 config 文件。 参考 MPlayer 配置示例 和 mplayer(1) 。 按键绑
  3. Benutzerspezifische Standardeinstellungen und Profile können in der Datei ~/.mpv/config An example profile file for encoding is provided in etc/encoding-profiles.conf in the source tree. This file is installed and loaded by default. If you want to modify it, you can replace and it with your own copy by doing: mkdir -p ~/.mpv. cp /etc/mpv/encoding-profiles.conf ~/.mpv/encoding-profiles.
  4. The current method involves the configuration of a playercorefactory.xml file. Contents. 1 Set up; 2 Examples. 2.1 Android; 2.2 Ubuntu. 2.2.1 VLC; 2.2.2 MPV; 3 See also; 1 Set up. Kodi comes with a default playercorefactory.xml file, located under the Kodi/System folder (where Kodi is the chosen installation folder). To customize playback behaviour, users need to create an extra.
  5. Video in WMV, MPV, or MP4 format: Input config: Job configuration preset {'version':'1.0', 'options': {'mode':'analyze'}} Output asset: foo_annotations.json: Annotation data of face locations in JSON format. This can be edited by the user to modify the blurring bounding boxes. See sample below. Output asset: foo_thumb%06d.jpg [foo_thumb000001.jpg, foo_thumb000002.jpg] A cropped jpg of each.
  6. g\mpv. Please refer to our detailed MPV-Player documentation for all the details see above link). Configuration files: In order to identify and.

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While MPV is a helpful test, it is not diagnostic. And some conditions, such as cancer, can be associated with a low or a high MPV.   Your MPV results are considered along with your other symptoms. For example, you may need a thyroid test if you have symptoms of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism Almost everything is searchable in mpv.net. For example, users can benefit from a searchable config dialog, searchable input binding editor, and a searchable command pallet. Conclusion. All in all. w_scan2 ist eine Anwendung, welche das Scannen von Frequenzen für ATSC, DVB-T2, DVB-C und DVB-S/S2 ohne region-spezifischen Daten (den sogen. initial tuning data ) erlaubt und dann wiederum solche Daten erzeugt, welche von vielen TV-Anwendungen für den Empfang von DVB-Sendern benötigt werden.Das Programm basiert auf scan aus den dvb-apps und ist eine Abspaltung. On Unix it is ~/.config/mpv, see files section of the manual for the Windows configuration files. To install the script, copy reload.lua to the MPV_HOME/scripts directory. To override default settings, create reload.conf file in the lua-settings directory MPV_HOME/lua-settings. NOTE: config file name should match the name of the script. For configuration example you can also check 4e6/dotfiles. What is it? mpv_thumbnail_script.lua is a script/replacement OSC for mpv to display preview thumbnails when hovering over the seekbar, without any external dependencies 1, cross-platform-ly 2!. The script supports all four built-in OSC layouts, as seen in this Youtube video. The script will also do multiple passes over the video, generating thumbnails with increasing frequency until the target.

I use mpv (0.32.0) on Windows 10 Notebook and only this command in conf file. save-position-on-quit. For example if I open Video1.mp4 and select audio track 2 and subtitle track 2 in the GUI and for Video2.mp4 audio track 1 and subtitle track 2. How can I save and reuse this setting for each video file? This means to save the last position and the selected audio track and video track into a single file e.g. text file. And if I need the setting for the respective video file again, just use. I've managed to create a mpv.conf file and verify that it is working. For testing, the only lines are: hwdec=auto cache-default=153600 cache=153600 cache-pause=no The online example at github shows that Call mpv with --list-options to see the default values for most options. Couldn't figure out how to do that on my computer Configuration. You can configure the script's defaults by either changing the options at the beginning of the script, or placing a webm.conf inside the script-opts directory. A sample webm.conf file with the default options can be found here. Note that you don't need to specify all options, only the ones you wish to override. Building (development

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mpv keyboard shortcuts. We've compiled most of the mpv's hotkeys together. We hope they will allow you to control mpv better. If you'd like to access user-defined bindings, go to ~/.config/mpv/input.conf . We've compiled most of the mpv's hotkeys together. We hope they will allow you to control mpv better In future versions of mpv, it will by-default create an XDG-BD incompliant ~/.mpv folder to store its files. Users that wish to keep their $HOME folders clean (when making a clean install for example) might want to set $MPV_HOME to make mpv behave normally. Source: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/pull/797 i3Config = pkgs.writeText git-config '' # content of ~/.config/i3/config... '';}; i3 = stdenv.mkDerivation {name = i3-configured-${pkgs.i3.version}; nativeBuildInputs = [ makeWrapper ]; buildCommand = '' mkdir -p $out/bin: for item in ${pkgs.i3}/bin/*; do: ln -s $item $out/bin/ done: wrapProgram $out/bin/i3 --add-flags -c ${i3File} '';}; i Enable chat input via mpv - Enable chat input in mpv (press enter to chat, enter to send, escape to cancel). You need to be running mpv v0.28. and above for full compatibility with this feature. While inputting text you can use CTRL+V to paste text from the clipboard, but this will cause a slight pause. You can use the left and right cursor keys to change where your text cursor is

This is the equivalent of downscaling with mpv using --dscale=catmull_rom --correct-downscaling --linear-downscaling=no. The downscaled image was then brought back up to 1920x1080 using the several shaders. For the doublers, the following downscale was performed with --correct-downscaling and --linear-downscaling=no. SSimDownscaler performs better than any standalone filter, but also adds a lot of computational weight for minimal quality gains over catrom or lanczos But of course I get it's a little hard without the voice over so, here's a walk through for some of the MVP examples from real startups. If you have more, it'd be awesome if you could share them in the comments! The Anti-MVP: If we build it, they will come . The Point - Before Groupon, Andrew Mason created a not-so-well-known startup called The Point. The Point's vision was to. ArchWikiの 高品質設定 を参考にして次のように設定する。. mkdir -p ~/.config/mpv printf vo=gpu hwdec=auto profile=gpu-hq scale=ewa_lanczossharp cscale=ewa_lanczossharp video-sync=display-resample interpolation tscale=oversample ao=pulse force-window=yes quiet=yes > ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf. 負荷が高すぎる場合は控えめな品質にする。

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Could you give me an example for my case, where and with what name should I create the script file and what should I write in config and input.conf? useful! Related questions. Hide Title Bar hot 14. No video playback with gpu-api=vulkan in Ubuntu 18.10 hot 12. AUDIO EQUALIZER hot 12. When mpv window is snapped, drag-border resize should be fullfilled by moving 2 non-snapped sides of window to. High quality video output profile (goes into mpv.conf): profile=gpu-hq. Configuration Files: https://mpv.io/manual/master/#confi guration-files. https://mpv.io/manual/master/#files. Input.conf: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/b lob/master/etc/input.conf Include the ./mpv [options] file command in your bug report. Bugs related to specific files and formats: If the bug is related to a particular format or container, make sure that it works with ffplay or avplay compiled against the same FFmpeg or Libav version you compiled mpv against. Include a sample that triggers the bug. If the file is too large, you can try cutting a sample to avoid uploading the entire file. Test whether the small file still works and still triggers the problem My msWindows is set to +25% font size. MPV is smart enough to adjust subs within a video so that they do not overlap even with the larger fonts. The default msWindows Movies and TV viewer will overlap them, when for example an English translation is accompanied by Romanji Japanese during an anime song


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  1. The first thing you want to do is set the folder path for your mpv.exe, mpv CONF file and the Glow profiles. To do so click on the gear icon on the toolbar at the bottom and click on the path fields to set the paths. Now to the options: Glow groups the available mpv settings in tabs to improve the program's usability. These are: General, Stream, Display, Video, Audio and Subtitles. All you need to do to enable, disable, or configure a setting is to click on it; it doesn't get simpler.
  2. istrative privileges and SVP is running without them, or vice versa. SVP does not work in a web browser when you play back videos on websites such as YouTube or Crunchyroll. To increase the frame rate in such a video, you need to open a video stream in one of the compatible players. For this, th
  3. g TV shows.
  4. The default is in the mpv configuration directory (usually \fB~/.config/mpv\fP) with the filename \fBchannels.conf.{sat,ter,cbl,atsc}\fP (based on your card type) or \fBchannels.conf\fP as a last resort. .TP .B \fB\-\-dvbin\-timeout=1\-30>\fP Maximum number of seconds to wait when trying to tune a frequency before giving up (default: 30.
  5. SSimDownscaler.glsl also made by igv. It's for downscaling. For example if your resolution after 2x upscaling exceeds your monitor resolution, , you will need downscaling. So SSSR will replace the mpv built in scaler (e.g. lanczos, spline etc depending on what you have in mpv.conf)

# mpv keybindings # # Location of user-defined bindings: ~/.config/mpv/input.conf # # Lines starting with # are comments. Use SHARP to assign the # key. # Copy this file and uncomment and edit the bindings you want to change. # # List of commands and further details: DOCS/man/input.rst # List of special keys: --input-keylist # Keybindings testing mode: mpv --input-test --force-window --idle # # Use 'ignore' to unbind a key fully (e.g. 'ctrl+a ignore'). # # Strings need to be quoted and. Use our interactive car configurator tool and choose your dream Kia Car - Select your engine, colour, service additions and accessories to build the perfect Kia for you. Then you can discuss your configuration with your local Kia Dealer

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Example use-package config: (use-package subsonic :commands subsonic :bind ( (C-c m . subsonic)) :custom (subsonic-enable-art t)) Use the subsonic command to open a transient with commonly used commands available. subsonic-enable-art to t to enable album art. subsonic-mpv-default-volume to set default mpv volume A not too crappy GPU. mpv's focus is not on power-efficient playback on embedded or integrated GPUs (for example, hardware decoding is not even enabled by default). Low power GPUs may cause issues like tearing, stutter, etc. The main video output uses shaders for video rendering and scaling, rather than GPU fixed function hardware. On Windows, you might want to make sure the graphics drivers. mpv can be built as LGPLv2.1+ with the --enable-lgpl configure option. To add a LGPL mode to mpv, MPlayer code had to be relicensed from GPLv2+ to LGPLv2.1+ by asking the MPlayer authors for permission. Since permission could not be obtained from everyone, LGPL mode disables the following features, some of them quite central: - Linux X11 video output - BSD audio output via OSS - NVIDIA/Linux hardware decoding (vdpau, although nvdec usually works) - Linux TV input - minor features: jack, DVD. Importieren einer channels.conf auswählen (kann über Ansicht → Channels → Hinzufügen jederzeit wieder aufgerufen werden) MPlayer ~/.mplayer/ mpv ~/.mpv/ (bei neueren mpv-Versionen ~/.config/mpv/) Totem ~/.xine/ VDR /etc/vdr/ VLC Medien → Datei öffnen → alle Dateien → channels.conf auswählen : XINE ~/.xine You can do many people a great favor when encountering such a problem example by submitting them to your AV vendor for examination. For almost everything on this forum, it is a false positive. 1; 2; 3... 5; next; Print; Topic: foo_mpv - Video Player component based on mpv (Read 7932 times) previous topic - next topic. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. sammoth Full Member; Posts.

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This page displays the list of UPnP AV Media Renderers and Chromecast devices detected on your local network. Chromecast device discovery can be disabled with the disableGoogleCastDiscovery property in configuration.xml. Turning Chromecast devices into a audio DLNA or OpenHome renderer # Selecting a Chromecast device, you can transform it into: a DNLA renderer

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Fair warning to all mpv users. The newest mpv has a drastically revamped config system. I have posted a sample config below, and as you can see, the developers have put some effort into making the config files more clutter-free. So the next time the SVP manager updates your mpv, be wary that you may have to change stuff Getting sound configured in Linux can be a nightmare. Rescue is on the way in the form of Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA). Jim McIntyre is here to walk you through installing and. Minivan is an American car classification for vehicles designed to transport passengers in the rear seating row(s), with reconfigurable seats in two or three rows. The equivalent classification in Europe is the M-segment, more commonly known as an MPV (multi purpose vehicle) or a people carrier / mover. Minivans often have a 'one-box' or 'two-box' body configuration, a higher roof, a flat.

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Here's another example. Open this pic with the same options as here >>80684899 mpv displays this image incorrectly compared to every image editor I've tried IrfanView (using nearest neighbor by turning off 'Use resample' in Display options') looks the same as paint and gimp There has to be something up with mpv's jpg player that is getting it wrong or maybe I'm missing an option, but with --no. This config file already defines the necessary video output settings to make use of the hardware acceleration features provided by your operating system. Using the suggested configuration is important because hardware acceleration seems to make a big difference for CPU usage (and battery). Questions Help F1 → Show help (Page context) Shift + F1 → Open the documentation in a new tab (Page context) Tab search q → Tab search with dmenu (Command context) - Requires chrome-dmenu Scroll j → Scroll down (Command context) k → Scroll up (Command context) l → Scroll right (Command context) h → Scroll left (Command context) Scroll faster J → Scroll page down (Command context) K. mpv as video player; vifm as ncurses based file manager; For whom is openSUSEway: who needs full setup of Sway out of the box; all the branding and customization preinstalled; If there is will to just try tiling manager the better way is to setup Sway. Installation Edit. Currently only Tumbleweed is supported. Install from the command line: sudo zypper in openSUSEway Install from the browser.

As its name implies, an MPV can be used as a people-hauler as well as a cargo hauler, or both, with its multiple seating configurations. MPVs also usually come with seven seats with a foldable last row to allow large cargo to be loaded at the back. Just like SUVs and crossovers, MPVs come with a two-box body design, with the cargo area integrated within the cabin area. The engine sits upfront. Streaming Music to MPV. The id parameter value was retrieved in the Retrieving Top Songs example. $ subsonic-cli -c config.cfg stream -p id 34960 | mpv - Releases 0.2.1 Dec 3, 2019 0.2.0 Oct 25, 2019 0.1.0 Jul 28, 2018 Something wrong with this page? Make a suggestion. 在終端機輸入指令以mpv播放影片,例如: mpv -ss=00:01:50 demo.mp4 , demo.mp4會從1分50秒開始播,在影片播放中,不結束影片也不用方向鍵跳至特定時間,可用指令方式可控制到特定時間 Get AMQP message, play URL (via mpv, currently). This script creates an exchange and a queue in the specified AMQP vhost. Only ssl-enabled AMQP connections are supported. The exchange is named Xall, type direct. The queue is named RPiMusic_uuid, with uuid being the uuid from the config file. Example rpimusic.con In the command costs section of the config.yml you can define costs for each kit, for example: kit-tools: 100 Would make it so /kit tools charges the player $100 Newbie kit. If you are using the Essentials Spawn plugin, along with setting the a special spawnpoint or welcome message, you can also give new players a kit. This can be used to give a simple set of tools to get the player started. Original Path: cauldron/mpv SILENT etc/example.conf was removed Revision 926569 - Directory Listing Modified Fri Jan 22 21:14:47 2016 UTC (5 years, 2 months ago) by zezinho Original Path: cauldron/mpv new version Revision 918539 - Directory Listing Modified Sat Jan 2 20:19:49 2016 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by schedbot Original Path: cauldron/mpv %repsys markrelease version: 0.14.0 release: 1.

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